Woodard’s change of heart about Clark’s record-breaking achievement surprised many .H

Lynette Woodard explains comments about Caitlin Clark having not broken her scoring record


Iowa’s Caitlin Clark recently made headlines in women’s college basketball by surpassing Lynette Woodard‘s long-standing record as the all-time leading scorer. However, despite the official recognition of Clark‘s achievement, Woodard has expressed disagreement regarding the legitimacy of Clark‘s record-breaking feat.

Woodard, who previously held the title with 3,649 points scored during her collegiate career, emphasized that she never qualified as the NCAA’s top scorer. Her playing career spanned four seasons (1977-81) at Kansas under the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics umbrella, which kept her name out of the official NCAA records, unlike Clark‘s.

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Woodard previously extending congratulations to Clark upon her surpassing the scoring milestone, her recent comments at the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association convention suggest a change in perspective.

“I am the hidden figure, but no longer now,” Woodard admitted.

“My record was hidden from everyone for 43 years. I don’t think I’ll just go ahead and get the elephant out of the room. I don’t think my record has been broken because you can’t duplicate what you’re not duplicating. So unless you come with a men’s basketball and a two-point shot”

Woodard’s explanation

The Hall of Famer’s remarks have stirred controversy, especially given her earlier acknowledgment of Clark‘s achievement.

Woodard’s shift in opinion regarding Clark‘s record-breaking accomplishment has taken many by surprise. The conflicting narratives surrounding Clark‘s achievement and Woodard‘s perspective have added an unexpected twist to the timeline of events.

“To clarify my remarks made at an awards ceremony on Saturday, no one respects Caitlin Clark‘s accomplishments more than I do,” Woodard said on social media.

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