WNBA Refs Receive Harsh Criticism For Caitlin Clark Treatment! Clark needs to adapt to the professional league, don’t blame the referee

Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever lose to the Connecticut Sun 92-71 in their WNBA regular-season opener

Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever lose to the Connecticut Sun 92-71 in their WNBA regular-season opener. WNBA refs stole the show in the first quarter of Caitlin Clark’s WNBA debut.

The NCAA’s all-time leading scorer picked up two early fouls, one which was particularly egregious.

She was 0-for-3 from the court in only five minutes as she spent half of the first quarter on the bench.

The Sun led 19-13 after one in the team’s first opening game sell out since 2003.

May 14, 2024; Uncasville, Connecticut, USA; Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark (22) falls to the floor after a blocked shot by guard Rachel Banham (1) (not pictured) in the second quarter at Mohegan Sun Arena.

The opener is arguably the most hyped in league history because of Clark’s arrival, and fans didn’t hold back in complaining about the officiating preventing her from staying on the court.

“Refs fumbling the WNBA bag right now. Why does Caitlin Clark have 2 weak fouls in her opener? This is an audition to a lot of sports fans…,” wrote one fan.

“Caitlin Clark has 2 soft fouls within the first 4 minutes of her pro debut and now sitting on the bench on national television in an arena she sold out WNBA is about to fire some refs.,” joked one commenter.

“Biggest opening night in WNBA history and refs are like “nah, it’s time to call some TOUCH fouls on Caitlin Clark – no one here to see her,” added another.

“Watching Caitlin Clark in her WNBA debut and it’s nice to see refs ruin the women’s league too. Equality,” added one more.


Video: CAITLIN CLARK’S FIRST WNBA POINTS OFF STEAL + HESI | Indiana Fever vs Connecticut Sun


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