[VIDEO]Jason Kelce’s Irish wolfhound interrupts latest New Heights episode. H


Travis and Jason Kelce had an unexpected guest during the latest episode of their ‘New Heights’ podcast, one of Jason’s massive Irish wolfhounds.

While Travis was talking about how much he likes Chiefs teammate Drue Tranquill, one of the Kelce family’s pair of gargantuan dogs started barking just off screen of where Jason was sitting to record the episode.

To stop the commotion and continue their football talk, Jason had to go off-camera to let one of their dogs in his house.

Then one of the wolfhounds, likely Baloo and not Winnie, comes across the screen before plopping down on the couch behind where Jason is recording.

Baloo likely gets his name from the lovable bear from the Disney animated movie ‘The Jungle Book’.

Travis watches on as Baloo runs across the screen during a recording of 'New Heights'

Travis Kelce was shocked by how big one of his brothers dogs was on camera

One of Jason's wolfhounds found a cozy spot on the couch behind where he was filming

Jason Kelce is a proud owner to two Irish Wolfhounds, Winnie and Baloo

‘Do you hear this?’ Jason first said after Baloo’s interruption. ‘I gotta get this guy.’

‘He’s like “I see that motherf***er, let me out!”‘ Travis said of Baloo’s expression. ‘Oh no, he’s trying to get in. That’s what that one was.’

Then the massive Baloo pranced across the camera.

‘Goddamn, what the f*** is that?’ Travis said shocked at how big Baloo is. ‘Pet him, you gotta pet him, you cant just let him in!’

‘Oh nice he just wanted to get on that nice cool leather couch,’ Travis added. ‘He’s like “it’s hot as f*** out here dog!”‘

‘It’s not that hot out there,’ Jason retorted.

The NFL veteran's wife, Kylie, regularly shares photos of the massive pups to social media

The Super Bowl winner hailed the dogs as 'incredibly gentle, loyal, majestic lapdogs'

Jason has previously spoken highly of his dogs despite their massive size on social media.

In one photo shared on social media, one of the dogs can be seen reaching for a slice of pizza on its hind legs, towering over the 6-foot-3 Kelce for a chance at human food.

‘They are wonderful animals, absolutely adore mine,’ Jason posted on X, in response to a fan who asked for advice on whether to get one or not.

‘Very loving and connected with their humans. Not for everyone though. If you travel a lot, have limited amount of space, keep food on the counter, and have nice furniture, they may not be for you,’ Jason added.

‘Incredibly gentle, loyal, majestic lapdogs that hate being away from their owners,’ Jason concluded.

Winnie and Baloo made it into the Kelce family photo last year, with both dogs wearing antlers for the festive occasion.

As the Kelce brothers got back into talking football, Baloo had found a comfy spot on the couch, curled up behind Jason.

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