Venus Williams Forfeits Match Against Trans Woman: “I’m Not Playing a Man” .H

Venus Williams Forfeits Match Against Trans Woman: “I’m Not Playing a Man”


Venus Williams is one of the best tennis players ever to grace the sport. She and her sister, Serena, have won more combined titles than any pair of sisters in sports history.
So when Venus took a stand and refused to play a game against Joe “Josepheena” LaBarron of France, she made a huge statement

“I’m not trying to be the next Billie Jean King,” she said, “I’ll play any man for charity or for fun, but this is my livelihood.” Venus says she’s never lost a competition to a man because she’s never played one before, and doesn’t intend to start now.Venus held her fist up and received a standing ovation on the way out.

ALLOD Sportsball Analyzer Tara Newhole hopped right on top of this story, poking Swiss cheese-level holes in it. “First of all,” she reported, “that’s Serena, not Venus. Right off the bat, I’m calling shenanigans.”
Newhole pointed out that the so-called “man” is actually Amelie Muresmo, a biological female with some masculine features who retired in 2009. There’s no way to know if her testosterone levels are abnormal, however, so there’s that.


“Venus Williams needs to hit the challenger courts I fear” – Fans hilariously react to American attending LA premiere of Zendaya-starrer ‘Challengers’


Venus Williams and Zendaya at the LA premiere of ChallengersVenus Williams and Zendaya at the LA premiere of Challengers

Venus Williams’ appearance at the Los Angeles premiere of Zendaya’s tennis film Challengers has sparked hilarious reactions from fans.

Challengers tells the story of Tashi (Zendaya), a former tennis player who has to quit the sport due to a career-ending injury. She becomes the coach of her husband Art (Mike Faist), who is a mediocre tennis player turned into a Grand Slam champion by Tashi.

Challengers recently held its Los Angeles premiere at the Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles, which many stars attended. One of the stars present at the premiere was tennis icon Venus Williams, who dazzled with a grey-colored off-shoulder dress and complemented it with a necklace and earrings. She wore transparent high heels with black straps to complete her look.


Fans came up with some hilarious reactions watching Venus at the film’s premiere with one of the fans making a pun saying that the out-of-form American needed to hit the challenger court too.

“needs to hit the challenger courts too i fear”


Another fan was excited that even the greatest tennis players were seated for the Challengers film.

“OKAY VENUS!? even the goats of tennis are seated for challengers mmhmm YAWP!”


Here are some other reactions from the fans.

“that’s 2024 wimbledon champion venus williams to YOU” A fan wished

“I know she got her bag” A fan joked

“All the tennis legends are attending the Challengers premiere! Oh Zendaya, the power you have” said another fan

“Vee gracing the carpet!! Love to see it!” A fan said excitedly

“If I wasn’t already in my seat I would storm this building.” Another fan joked

“Aunty Vee serving what needed to be served” Another fan said.

Venus Williams made her return to court this year after she suffered a knee injury at Wimbledon last year. The 43-year-old returned at the Sunshine Double after receiving main draw wildcards for both events. However, her return didn’t go according to plan as she was eliminated in the first round of the BNP Paribas Open by Nao Hibino and suffered a similar fate at the Miami Open at the hands of Diana Shnaider.

“It’s lonely to be a tennis player but to be a Black female tennis player, I can’t imagine” – Zendaya talks about Serena and Venus Williams’ elegance despite constant pressure

Venus Williams and Serena WilliamsVenus Williams and Serena Williams
Before filming Challengers, Zendaya admitted in a recent interview with Vogue that her tennis knowledge was limited to the Williams sisters and Roger Federer.

The 27-year-old also spoke about how the most impressive aspect of the Williams sisters was their ability to constantly deliver despite always being under the microscope and facing a lot of pressure.

She also recognized the loneliness one faces in tennis, but to be a Black female tennis player on top of that was what Zendaya found truly commendable about Serena and Venus Williams.

“Fu**ing all of it. The story, the amount of pressure, the microscope that they were under, the loneliness they must have felt—because it’s already lonely to be a tennis player, but to be a Black female tennis player, I can’t imagine,” she said.

Venus Williams and Father Richard recall one match that 7-time Grand Slam champion “should have won”

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