How much does a gem expert estimate Taylor Swift’s New Ring ring to cost? and more importantly, what special meaning does it have for Travis Kelce… .H

Taylor Swift’s Birthday Ring Has a Special Connection to Her Childhood — and Travis Kelce

Swift has opened up in the past about why opal jewelry is significant to her — and her friend Keleigh Sperry seemed to confirm a fan favorite theory

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Every time Taylor Swift steps outside, fans are quick to decode her fit from head-to-toe, breaking down any intricately laid easter eggs she may have cleverly hidden in her look.

There are fans who share near-constant theories on the 12-time Grammy winner’s wardrobe and what it might say about her upcoming music or even her relationship with Kansas City Chief’s tight end Travis Kelce.

One of Swift’s latest looks is her show-stopping, celestial-inspired 34th birthday ensemble — in particular the large ring she flaunts on her right middle finger in many of the photos shared in her Instagram carousel.

In photos taken of Swift walking outside her N.Y.C. party, she’s seen showing what appears to be an opal ring surrounded by a halo of blue gemstones to close friends Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Sperry.

Taylor Swift


TikTok user Swiftieinkc broke down the photos in a now-viral video, speculating that the center opal (Kelce’s birthstone) appears to be surrounded by what could be blue topaz, the Sagittarius singer’s birthstone.

In another clip, Swiftieinkc shares that Sperry liked her clip breaking down the ring, a telling move that has given new life to the theory that the bling is in fact a gift from Kelce, 34.

Swift’s connection to opals also runs deep. She has always had an affinity for the stone.

“When I was bullied in school, my mom used to take me to T.J. Maxx after school to look at the opal jewelry,” she told Us Weekly in 2017. “I thought opals were so beautiful, and somehow it made me feel better.”

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How Taylor Swift’s rare carat opal ring tells a ‘sentimental’ connection to Travis Kelce

The hidden message behind Taylor Swift’s stunning opal ring, hinting at a sentimental connection with Travis Kelce and their blossoming romance

Taylor Swift, queen of cryptic lyrics and hidden messages, has done it again. This time, her clever storytelling isn’t via a song, but her finger. Adorning her hand at a recent birthday bash was a dazzling ring, unlike anything she’s worn before. The Cruel Summer singer stepped out on the NYC street flaunting a giant pear-shaped opal ring. But, it wasn’t just a ring that she wore randomly on her special day. What truly sent fans into a frenzy was the sentimental connection it hinted at in connection with her beau Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift(Instagram)

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Taylor Swift’s rare opal ring ties Taylor and Travis together

The focus is on two specific birthstones, Opal associated with Travis Kelce and, and topaz associated with Taylor Swift. Although the NFL star himself wasn’t present at the NYC night, when her sweetheart stepped out to party with besties Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and more, fans believe that Travis has sent a very special gift to her and yes it is bejeweled.

Taylor Swift posted pictures from the celebration, and the artist can be seen sporting a large opal ring in the shape of a pear. A halo of smaller stones, probably London blue topazes, surrounds the opal, according to observations made by Karly Bulinski, a gemologist at Rare Carat who spoke to Page Six. As per her, “Opal is said to represent hope and purity,” while “Blue topaz help channel your inner wisdom.”

The birthstones have a “very sentimental” sparkler, which the gemologists believe is a symbolic reference to their connection. What adds to the intrigue is that the Lover singer was seen flaunting her ring to her friends Miles and Keleigh Teller which means there is something very special and rare about the ornament.

Opals have long been seen to symbolize transition, hope, and purity. This could be taken as a subtle hint about the couple’s blossoming romance. Not to mention the topaz, which is renowned for its serene and insightful energy and maybe Taylor Swift’s way of supporting Kelce’s booming career.

Cost of Taylor Swift’s opal ring
The gem expert estimates that Swift’s ring’s opal may weigh up to 20 carats, which would put the price close to $10,000. However diamond expert Muke Fried believes “The center stone on Taylor’s ring is massive and looks to be 15 carats. A high-quality opal of that size is incredibly rare, but not nearly as expensive as a diamond would be. I’d estimate it at around $175,000, if not more.”

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift engagement rumor
There are rumors that Taylor and Travis will soon be engaged. Numerous media outlets speculated that the tight end for the Chiefs visited Taylor’s father to get his blessing.

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