What LeBron James Told Anthony Davis After Insane Rally Vs Clippers

 What LeBron James Told Anthony Davis After Insane Rally Vs Clippers

Your Los Angeles Lakers picked up one of their more impressive wins on Wednesday evening , pulling off a massive comeback over the rival Los Angeles Clippers. Los Angeles entered the fourth quarter looking like a sunken squad, but superstar LeBron James refused to back down.

He helped rally the club to outscore the Clippers 39-16 in the final quarter. James scored or assisted on 11 of the 13 field goals that Los Angeles had in the final frame, showing he is still capable of putting the team on his back at times.

After the contest, James linked up with co-star Anthony Davis, telling him that this was a familiar feeling that they’re used to. It was nice to see both players smiling after a big win, and the hope is they can keep up the winning ways.

This win over the Clippers was the type of win that could help propel a team like the Lakers. They currently are fighting for a play-in spot within the Western Conference standings, so every win counts.

With the season starting to ramp up toward the finish line, Los Angeles can’t afford any big slip-ups. James made sure that his team didn’t drop this contest, throwing back the clock a little bit, as Dan Woike of The Los Angeles Times writes.

“Just got to do what I gotta do,” James said. “If I’m in a lineup, if I’m on the floor, I got to make plays. Sometimes I got to make even more plays. And tonight was one of those moments where I had to make even more plays in order for us to even get back into the game and then ultimately win the game.”

Even with the good vibes from the win, the Lakers can’t count on James doing this often, so they will need to clean things up. They won’t always be able to come back from a major deficit, but for now, they can take what worked in the fourth quarter to help push them forward to their next game.

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