Wemby’s CRAZY reaction after Gregg Popovich teased the big news for him

Gregg Popovich et Victor Wembanyama

After a final match on the Austin side for the Spurs, Gregg Popovich has just announced big news for the next season, which will please Victor Wembanyama. 

The Frenchman has already reacted.

While the Spurs have just finished playing two games in Austin rather than San Antonio, Gregg Popovich may have just attracted the wrath of the NBA.

The coach, out of nowhere, confirmed to journalists that the Texans would come to Paris next year to play a match, or maybe even several.

Gregg Popovich drops a big announcement

This is not the first rumor on this subject, since some mentioned one match in Paris and the other in Lyon, just to allow Wembanyama to visit the country during the season.

It’s impossible to have all the details right now, but Popovich confirmed that the Spurs will make the trip.

Great news for Victor obviously.

There’s a long story about how this all happened, but Pop confirmed during his talk that the Spurs will play in Paris next year: “We’ll go there.”

The NBA hasn’t made anything official yet, so Popovich decided to drop the information like that, just for fun.

Remember that Tony Parker did the same last January, which means that Adam Silver is clearly taking his time behind the scenes.

Questioned on the subject at a press conference, Wembanyama was therefore able to react to this news, he who must also have been aware of it for a while.

Wembanyama : “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s obviously going to be an important match or matches for me, because coming back from where I come from, especially in my city or nearby. It’s going to be special.

Maybe it will allow me to see my family in peak season, which doesn’t happen often. So it’s great. »

The Spurs will play in Paris next year for a match… or even several. The details are to be confirmed, but the French public will (already) rediscover the prodigy. And suffice to say we can’t wait to be there.

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