“Wembanyama lacks respect. I will insult him! », Wemby’s unbelievable crazy action we’ve never seen before.

French NBA player Victor Wembanyama (left) and league legend Carmelo Anthony (right)

Victor Wembanyama is still in the news, but for once, it’s not necessarily for the better.

Carmelo Anthony has just reacted to the first fine received by the French pivot, and he was not kind to him. He sees it as disrespectful for this sequence.

Over his last three matches, Victor Wembanyama offered fans two legendary duels with recognized All-Stars.

For example, against Nikola Jokic’s Nuggets, he almost released the first quadruple-double of his career.

Deprived of Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan, the pivot takes care of everything and he proves once again that the NBA will be his in a few seasons, no offense to the killjoy Shaquille O’Neal .

A few days earlier, in a prestigious victory against the Knicks, the Frenchman took advantage of overtime to reach the mark of 40 points and 20 rebounds, all accompanied by 7 assists.

It was necessary to respond to the 61 points scored by Jalen Brunson that day. Moreover, in the excitement, Wemby received his first fine for a largely avoidable action.

Carmelo Anthony comes back against Victor Wembanyama

While he could have kept the ball to celebrate his card, while Jalen Brunson could have kept it as a souvenir of his career points record, Wemby decided to send it into the stands to make a fan happy .

Something that Carmelo Anthony would not necessarily have accepted if he was on the field at that time. He spoke in his podcast:

I watched the match between Jalen Brunson and Victor Wembanyama as a fan and it was crazy.

But at the end of the match Wemby had his moment: “I’m here, I’ve landed in America”. If he had thrown the ball into the stands after I scored 60 points I would have been pissed.

Seriously guys. But this is the NBA today, opponents no longer honor each other’s accomplishments. They no longer live in the moment.

I understand it’s the competitive spirit. Everything has become so competitive that sometimes it spills over into disrespect.

In my day, if Allen Iverson had scored 61 points on the road, no one would have touched the ball.

If Kobe had scored 61 points, the game would have stopped and he would have taken the ball, even after a loss. Nobody would have put the ball in the stands. It’s a lack of respect.

I would have taken this gesture as a “fuck you”.

I don’t care that he was fined $25,000. What matters is the lack of respect.

I wouldn’t have said anything if it was the first time he was like that.

But now it becomes recurrent. For me this is the worst lack of respect.

I would have had a different reaction from Brunson. I would have insulted him. You’re a rookie too!

For Carmelo Anthony, throwing the ball into the stands when an opponent has just broken his career record is a huge lack of respect. 

In Jalen Brunson’s place, he would have had a hard time keeping calm.

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