Wembanyama announced his nickname, but what’s more surprising is that it was given to him by LeBron James last month: “I really..

NBA LeBron James và Victor Wembanyama

Author of a big start to the season for his first in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama already has the right to a few nicknames across the league.

But between that given by the media and LeBron James, the Frenchman has clearly made his choice.

Already considered by the NBA as the favorite to win the title of rookie of the year, Victor Wembanyama is making a big debut across the Atlantic.

Everything is not perfect in attack and with his shooting percentage, but we must not forget that we are talking about a player who is barely 19 years old.

The latter will gain experience and gain confidence over the weeks, to the delight of Spurs.

Wembanyama chooses his nickname in front of the media

His disappointing performance against the Knicks this Wednesday will not change anything. Wemby certainly remains a special player, to the point where he is entitled to a few nicknames.

Among them ? “The unicorn”, but that does not please the person concerned, as he confided to journalists. He much prefers the one given by LeBron James several months ago.

Victor Wembanyama: “This nickname (unicorn) has been used a lot of times so I’m not really a big fan.

Like LeBron said, everyone has been a unicorn. But there’s only one alien, right? »

So it will be “alien” for Wembanyama, who clearly appreciates being seen as someone unique.

The Frenchman does not come to the NBA to imitate a player, but simply to be himself and write the history of the league that way. Behavior that pleases the supporters.

I’m not going to lie Victor is just on another level

It will therefore be “alien” for Victor Wembanyama, obviously not bothered by the nickname given by LeBron James.

We will now have to take all this on the floor, especially since the supporters are uncompromising. There is no doubt that the King must follow him far away as a bonus…

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