Warriors’ $300 Million Blunder Hung Dry As NBA Insider Points Out Misfortune That Plagued Stephen Curry & Co

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The Golden State Warriors are currently having one of their worst seasons ever.

With the way they have been performing, questions arise about them even making it to the playoffs, as they are ranked 10th in the Western Conference and have a record of 12-9 in their last 21 games.

Due to that, it won’t be surprising if the Bayou City overtakes them as they have been on a roll with a dominant eight-match winning streak.

Stephen Curry and Co might struggle to make it to the playoffs!

So, looking at the state in which the Dubs are in, an NBA insider points out the reasons why they have been having a terrible season and gives them some suggestions for the same.

Are the Warriors wasting their $300 million?

NBA Insider Bill Simmons talks about the Golden State having a disastrous season on his podcast called The Bill Simmons Podcast.

He said, “The Warriors had the season from hell. Draymond missed 10 games plus drama in the first two months, they lost CP for a bunch of time, Wiggins disappeared for a bunch of time, and Curry just got hurt.”

However, even after the Warriors squad was perfectly healthy, Simmons said, “They seem to go the other way.” So, he pointed out, “When you are spending $300 million on your team, you kind of want them to be one of the top 10 teams in a conference.” 

And with their performances lately, the Warriors are not looking in great shape.

They cannot even rely entirely on Curry, as he has not had a fine game since returning from his injury.

Even the age factor is catching up to the 4x NBA champion, as he is now 35 years old, and according to Simmons, he does not have a lot of glorious years left.

Also, with the other core team players like Klay Thompson and Draymond Green not performing up to the mark, the Warriors “don’t seem to have a second guy they can trust offensively.”

Due to that, the Warriors are currently in a very volatile state, and all that can help them is a roster rebuild.

However, will they be willing to let go of their core team players?

Warriors have no intentions of trading Stephen Curry and co

Despite a difficult season that has seen the Golden State Warriors fall out of the playoff picture, trade speculations have lingered around critical players such as Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

Despite Thompson’s troubles this season, including a career-low shooting percentage and Green’s recurring suspension issues, the Warriors value their efforts.

USA Today via Reuters

While trade speculations have stated that everyone but Stephen Curry is on the table, including Thompson and Green, the Warriors have affirmed that they have no plans to sell either star.

Their loyalty to their core players demonstrates the organization’s optimism that they can turn their season around without requiring significant roster changes. So, now, as the season progresses, only time will tell whether this optimistic behavior works in their favor or leaves them out of the playoffs.

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