Video the most surreal opening jump in history: Golden State Warriors sent Wembanyama to compete for the ball with Stephen Curry

The most surreal opening jump in history: Wembanyama vs Curry!

Steve Kerr showed a great sense of humor

In the match between the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs, which the Texans won, 117-122, a circumstance occurred that we may not see in regular league games and that led to the most surreal initial jump in history.

And the Spurs tower, Victor Wembanyama, headed to the center circle to make the opening jump of the game against…

Stephen Curry! It was coach Steve Kerr’s funny point as meaning that he had little to do on that jump with any player he had put on.

“Steve has a great sense of humor.

It’s been kind of fun,” said Gregg Popovich when asked about the circumstance.

There was more than 32 centimeters of difference between both players in that jump, which, of course, Wembanyama took.

Despite everything, Curry put everything on the court in the jump, he tried to compete with his rival, but he barely reached the wrist of the Frenchman who, on the other hand, seemed like he could have gone even higher if necessary.

The most surreal jump between two in history: Wembanyama vs Curry

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