VIDEO LeBron James Cautiously Offers ‘Worst Thing to Do’ When Defending Steph Curry and Draymond Green

LeBron James talks about defending Steph Curry and Draymond Green while the Golden State Warriors continue their winning streak. Discover how LeBron surpasses Curry in three-point shooting.

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Steph Curry has been one of the best in business in the current basketball regime. The Golden State Warriors point guard, who has four NBA championships to his name, is also considered as a top shooter.

However, Curry’s talent is not unseen by LeBron James as well. James has been seen lauding the Ohio-born Warriors star on many occasions.

One such occasion recently surfaced through Bron’s latest off-the-court adventure, which is his ‘Mind The Game’ podcast.

Acknowledging what would be the not-to-go approach while defending two warriors’ top gun, Steph Curry and Draymond Green, LeBron said,

“You have to put two on the ball against Dray and Steph which is the worst thing to do. And it’s a lob every single time,” James said.

Notably, the Warriors are on a great run as they secured a significant victory on Tuesday over the Dallas Mavericks with a score of 104-100. This win marked their fifth consecutive triumph and positioned them favorably to secure a place in the play-in tournament.

LeBron James Leaves behind Steph Curry in Threes

LeBron James keeps getting better in his 21st season, and he’s now even better than Steph Curry at shooting three-pointers.

In the game against the Nets, he scored an amazing 41.6% of his three-point attempts, beating not only Curry at 40.3% but also Kyrie Irving at 41.1% and Klay Thompson at 38.2%.

He made 9 out of 10 shots, tying his personal record, breaking franchise history, and surpassing MJ for the most 30+ point games in the playoffs.

His teammate Anthony Davis praised LeBron’s incredible performance, highlighting how smooth and precise his shots were.

LeBron left the game with a thunderous applause from the crowd, having scored 40 points, grabbed seven rebounds, and dished out five assists in just 37 minutes.

He expressed how great it feels to play well and win as a team.

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