Victor Wembanyama is being scrutinized by many legends. Tracy McGrady’s important advice to him was irrefutable: “What if I had…”

NBA players Victor Wembanyama (left) and Tracy McGrady (right)
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At the center of attention this season in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama finds himself scrutinized by many legends who do not hesitate to give him recommendations for the rest of his career. 

This is, for example, what Tracy McGrady recently did.

No wonder all eyes will be on you when you are called upon to become the face of the league in a few years.

However, it’s not easy to deal with this pressure when you’re just playing your rookie season.

However, more is needed to destabilize Victor Wembanyama.

Sparkling for his first campaign in the NBA, the young French interior is already attracting attention on site.

Tracy McGrady suggests a fatal move to Victor Wembanyama

Since his arrival across the Atlantic, Wembanyama has become one of the NBA community’s favorite topics of discussion.

Many icons of the league have been talking about his case in recent months, starting with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar during the Summer League .

Recently, it was Tracy McGrady who followed the movement by advising the Spurs rookie to imitate his illustrious elder:

What if I had to add a move to Wemby’s arsenal?

Kareem’s skyhook.

Why not ?

It would be indefensible.

He’s 2m24 tall and it’s a shot that can’t be blocked.

Plus, he’s a good passer so if the defense is looking to take a two-hander on him, he can give the ball away. N

obody could do anything about that.

And with his scale?!

He would release the ball 3 meters above the ground! Impossible to counter.

As a reminder, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was measured at 2m18 during his career as an NBA player, six centimeters shorter than Victor.

And yet, no one was able to alter the effectiveness of his legendary skyhook.

As such, the young French international would have every interest in bringing it back into fashion according to T-Mac.

The latter is not the only one to think that this would represent a lethal weapon .

Don’t think that no one had thought of it until now.

Indeed, even before he made his official debut in the league, Wemby had already received similar advice from many observers.

He even said that he had been working on this shot and that he hoped to use it regularly sooner or later.

Words that he ended up applying this season and which allowed him to sign highlights like this:

For Tracy McGrady, no NBA defender would be able to stop Victor Wembanyama if he permanently added the skyhook to his range of moves. 

Count on the Frenchman to use it several times throughout the rest of his career.

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