Unleashing Fear – Inside Victor Wembanyama’s Defensive Dominance in the NBA: “Wembanyama could easily average more than 5 blocks if…

Victor Wembanyama in the Spurs jersey
NBA leader in blocks, Victor Wembanyama could well dominate the league for many years in this area. 

And even more for some supporters.

While he is having a historic season, Victor Wembanyama should be crowned rookie of the year in a few months from now, ahead of Chet Holmgren.

The Frenchman has clearly widened the gap with the competition, reflecting his 3.5 blocks per match.

He’s a solid leader in the NBA and that’s pretty scary for a simple rookie.

Wembanyama still impresses in defense

The worst ? This is because Wembanyama could achieve much more than 3.5 blocks, at least if his opponents were not frightened by his mere presence.

His buzz sequence quickly made the rounds on social networks , with Internet users saying:

Victor could have more than 5 counters per match if his deterrent force was not so crazy.


Wemby could easily average more than 5 blocks if teams tried to attack him in the paint.

Look how scared they are

Attack a 2m24 player head-on?

Bad idea and the Grizzlies players understood it, as did many other attackers.

Wembanyama dominates the league with his averages, and there is no doubt that this will last for a long time.


How it is not certain to be DPOY🤦‍♂️


something I’ve noticed since the start of the season.

It’s one of the biggest stop signs I’ve seen.

When Victor Wembanyama is around, you can be sure that attackers will think twice before taking their chances. 

The Frenchman is a real threat, and it’s only his first season in the NBA…

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