“Tra:sh-talking ,People are insecure”: WNBA star Kelsey Plum extends support for $1.8M NIL-valued Angel Reese

Kelsey Plum extends support for Angel Reese amid trash-talking controversy
Angel Reese, often hailed as college basketball’s premier trash-talker, once again showcased her skills during her team’s 75-60 victory against Tennessee.

The LSU Tigers’ forward was observed engaging in verbal exchanges with her opponents throughout the game.

Angel Reese, known for her confident demeanor and sharp tongue, didn’t hold back during her team’s game against Tennessee.

Pointing towards the Tennessee bench, Reese reportedly exclaimed, “Get your money up broke a*s,” a reference to her impressive NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) value of $1.8 million, as reported by On3.com.

Kelsey Plum, a two-time All-Star and two-time WNBA champion, voiced her support for Angel Reese’s on-court behavior during an episode of the All The Smoke Podcast, hosted by NBA champions Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

When asked about her thoughts on Reese’s actions, Plum emphasized that trash-talking is a natural part of the game, regardless of gender.

She noted that strong, confident women like Reese often face criticism for speaking their minds, but ultimately, their actions should be viewed through the same lens as men’s behavior on the court.

Barnes echoed Plum’s sentiments, expressing frustration with the double standard applied to female athletes.

He defended Reese’s trash-talking, highlighting that it’s a common occurrence in men’s sports and shouldn’t be vilified when women engage in it as well.

Barnes pointed out that Reese’s trash-talking was in response to provocation from her opponent, Caitlin, indicating that it was a two-way exchange.

Overall, both Plum and Barnes emphasized the need to recognize and respect female athletes’ competitiveness and assertiveness on the court, without subjecting them to unfair scrutiny or criticism.

Angel Reese’s trash-talking antics have stirred controversy, but some fail to understand the outrage surrounding her behavior.

Reese has a history of speaking her mind both on and off the court, with the 2022-23 season being no exception.

She’s been known to throw taunts at opponents, and during the NCAA Championship game between LSU and Iowa, Reese came out on top.

Despite her outspoken nature, Reese’s skills on the court haven’t gone unnoticed.

An ESPN draft projection prior to the 2022-23 season pegged her as the No. 6 pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft.

LSU Tigers coach Kim Mulkey discussed how this projection served as motivation for Reese, despite it being perceived as an insult.

Mulkey emphasized that Reese thrives on challenges and competition, whether it’s facing off against opponents or responding to trash talk.

Reese herself has acknowledged that doubters have fueled her growth in the sport.

The ESPN projection serves as further motivation for her to prove her worth and lead her team to success, including another shot at a national championship.

With her competitive spirit and determination, Reese continues to strive for excellence on and off the court.


Her infamous ‘pointing at her ring finger’ incident caught everyone’s attention.

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