Toronto Raptors Coach Makes Strong Steph Curry Statement

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Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry is not only one of the best players in NBA history, but one of the most influential players in NBA history. This is often part of the discussion when debating Curry’s place on all-time ranks, and Toronto Raptors head coach Darko Rajakovic made a strong statement on Curry’s impact on the game.

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“He would be on the top of the list,” Rajakovic said of Curry prior to Friday night’s game vs. the Warriors. “I think Michael Jordan, he definitely changed basketball. But Steph Curry is the player that’s on the top of that list. You just did not have a guard of that size with, with that shooting ability, with that shooting range that completely changed the game. Obviously, you’ve had very talented players along the way, but not to the degree that this guy completely changed the landscape of the league.”

Believing that Curry changed the game of basketball more than anybody, the Raptors head coach had this to say about the Warriors star, and it’s certainly hard to argue with. There is a substancial difference in the way NBA basketball is played now as opposed to before Curry’s rise, and it can be attributed to the way he revolutionized offense, shooting, spacing, and more.
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