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It is impossible to survive in today’s world without knowing about financial terms such as taxes. But back then, it was a different scene.

Apart from games and practice, players had little to almost no time to handle their finances.

While it is a common term and has a very simple meaning, this NBA veteran didn’t know how it worked.

He thought it was something he would get back every year. Former Charlotte Hornets player, Rex Chapman detailed how his former teammate Dell Curry teased him for not knowing about taxes.

It was a very naive thought from Chapman, but it was hilarious to both Curry Sr. and Muggsy Bogues. So when he asked about it to his teammates, Curry was rather surprised at Chapman for not knowing about how taxes worked.

I got my check and it said I making this up but $50,000 and blah blah Social Security federal state and then down at the bottom net and it was like again 34,000 and I turned to Dell and Muggsy and said what is this I said all right I’ve heard about tax returns when do we get this back each year,” Chapman said during his latest appearance on DJ Vlad’s show.

Explaining Curry Sr.’s reaction to his question, he said, They said what, and I said when do we get this back and Dell said you can’t be this dumb I said well apparently I am he said we don’t get that back stop it you pay taxes and it’s gone.”

While they did take their time to tease him, the duo explained to him how taxes worked. And not just the financial and legal matters, the duo and their family helped him with other stuff as well.

Rex Chapman talks about the help and support he received from his teammates and his family

After being drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, Chapman spent 4 years with the franchise.

Before that, he went to the University of Kentucky

. He witnessed popularity early in his life, becoming well-known from a young age for his basketball prowess

. During an interview, Chapman explained how he didn’t know about life and adjusting since he always had people do things for him.

He further added how he was like a baby and his former teammates, and their family practically raised him.

“Those guys helped raise me. I was just a baby,” Chapman said in an interview with Yahoo Sports. He also lived close to Curry and his family and often babysat Curry’s kid, Stephen.

The scenario has changed quite a lot now.

Nowadays, players begin to earn even before making their NBA debut and have better knowledge to handle their finances or have people to look after their financial matters.

What according to you is the most fascinating difference between the players of these two different eras?

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