“The league is in danger”: fans in shock after Wemby’s crazy action on Chet!

Victor Wembanyama in duel with Chet Holmgren

Victor Wembanyama sent a message to the entire league this Thursday evening with a great victory over the Thunder. The supporters are in shock, especially after this sequence on an overwhelmed Chet Holmgren.

While Chet Holmgren was present for a good part of the match, with 23 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, he broke down in the final. Conversely, Victor Wembanyama raised his level of play as he played the entire last quarter. A great moment for the Frenchman , especially during a sequence in the finale of this part.

Wembanyama ignites the web with his performance

If the Spurs were able to confirm this victory, it is mainly thanks to Victor. Clutch in the final moments, the Frenchman made two 3-point shots on Holmgren, plus an absolutely viral counter on his evening opponent. The sequence quickly made the rounds on social networks, illustrating the debate over the rookie of the year.

Internet users were quick to react, and suffice to say that they are all in Wemby’s direction.

The battle for rookie of the year is over

the league is in danger damn

The Wemby era is going to be incredible

Chet looked like a high school student

Victor Wembanyama dominated this duel, even if Chet Holmgren will obviously want to take his revenge. One thing is certain: the league can rest easy with such talents.

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