The Lakes leader gave an important speech about them before the season, fans couldn’t sit still: “Unbelievable, that was…

With a good sequence before the start of the postseason, the Lakers have pleased the supporters in the last few weeks.

For this former player, this is a team that will have to be counted on when the time comes.

Still dominating against the Wizards despite a 5-point gap, the Lakers did the job earlier in the week

. The supporters are happy and for good reason, Darvin Ham’s men have 9 victories in the last 10 matches.

A hell of an awakening for LeBron James and his family, even if it will take a small miracle to avoid the play-in and catch up with the Suns or the Mavericks.

But anything is possible in the NBA, especially when the Angelinos are involved. It doesn’t matter if this franchise doesn’t have a crazy regular season, we know that we will have to be wary of it in the postseason.

With James and an Anthony Davis on fire, not to mention the role players, the Lakers will not be an easy team to beat. Same for the Nuggets.

The Lakers praised for their recent form

This is why fans want to believe in a big run in the playoffs, and a possible final victory for LeBron and his teammates. Even Austin Rivers is convinced of this.

In the latest ESPN show, Get Up, the former player welcomed the latest victory for the Purple and Gold. He also explains that this team will not be easy to beat in the future

Austin Rivers on the Lakers : “That’s exactly what we want to see from their side.

We wanted to see the Lakers play this type of basketball earlier in the season.

If you look at their starting lineup, you can see that the numbers are very balanced.

Austin Reaves, D’Angelo Russell, Anthony Davis, Rui Hachimura, LeBron James, everyone was involved. »

“They all dominated. I don’t want to make too much of it, because the Wizards are a team against which you take the opportunity to regain confidence, but that’s what we want to see from the Lakers. We want to see a team that gives its all

. They are dangerous. This is clearly not a team you want to meet in the first round of the playoffs. »

If teams can avoid the Lakers in the playoffs, or even in the play-in, they will not hold back. With James, Davis and a whole bunch of X-factors with Russell, Reaves and even Hachimura, this is an organization that remains formidable no matter what.

Let’s also remember that with the return of Jarred Vanderbilt, the franchise could get a nice boost.

Cross paths with the Lakers in the playoffs?

It won’t be easy at all, even if you will have to go through the play-in first.

The team remains dangerous and capable of anything in the weeks to come. The competition is warned.

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