The DIFFICULTY the Warriors are facing after their post-game loss, Stephen Curry cannot ignore this fact: “Maybe a week or two ago…”

The Golden State Warriors have been struggling to make a dent during the ongoing NBA season.

No matter where they finish, 6th seed or 10th or maybe even 11th, the Warriors could still not achieve their highest priority right now – avoiding the dreaded play-ins and being an NBA contender.

Despite some remarkable performances by Stephen Curry, the team has lost 31 of their 66 games.

They’re facing setback after setback, the latest being their loss to the Knicks, 119-112 on Monday. Of course, it must have diminished more of the hope they probably still hold.

“Maybe a week or two ago, 6th seed was the motivation. 

Curry said in the post-game interview when asked if the Warriors believe that they still have time to build proper momentum before the playoffs.

At the same time, however, when discussing the Warriors’ recent position, Curry reportedly highlighted that while the goal to secure a higher seed motivated them, their priority has changed over time.

Right now, I think I could care less about where [we] are at [in the standings]. “Because honestly who cares what seed you are if you play like we did tonight.”

Curry’s comments may have stemmed from the fact that despite losing the game, he and his teammates still ended up putting a score total of 112 points.

Curry himself put up 27 of those.

However, with Miles McBride and Jalen Brunson contributing a combined 53 points to the total, the Warriors’ offensive play did not meet the same level of prowess as the one established by the Knicks.

With just a few more games remaining, the four-time NBA champion highlighted their priority to defend the home court during the same press conference.

“The best-case scenario is to try to have home-court in a play-in environment,” said Curry.

“When you get into a series, you have to win here and protect your home court, especially as a lower seed, so you gotta correct whatever is ailing is.”

Describing the situation they suffered against the Knicks, Curry emphasized that the same “can’t let happen on our home court”.

What’s next for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors have only 15 more regular season games left in their hands.

To qualify for the playoffs, they will have to jump up 4-5 more seeds.

For this to happen, not only do the Warriors have to win more than half of their remaining games, but they will also have to count on the Kings, Mavericks, Suns, and Lakers to lose their rest.

A scenario that seems unlikely to happen.

USA Today via Reuters

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