The defensive brilliance of Victor Wembanyama

Is Wemby already the best defender in the NBA?

Indiana Pacers v San Antonio SpursPhotos by Cooper Neill/NBAE via Getty Images

March has proven to be an outstanding month for Victor Wembanyama. He has orchestrated two impressive back-to-back victories against playoff-caliber teams, notably toppling the Western Conference leaders, the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was topped off Monday as he received the February Rookie of the Month award, marking his second consecutive win in this category.

This remarkable feat has solidified Wembanyama’s position as a frontrunner for the coveted Rookie of the Year award. On a grander scale, his defensive dominance has flourished in recent months, positioning him as a strong candidate for the prestigious All-Defensive Team.

During the last eight games, Wembanyama has showcased an extraordinary average of 7.75 Stocks per game. He’s also leading the league in total blocks, with 186. His defensive impact extends beyond the sheer number of blocks; he has managed to deter opponents from attacking the rim when he’s on the court. Notably, the opposition’s rim attacks drop to 33.6% when Wembanyama isn’t playing, compared to 37.7% when he’s off the court.

Wembanyama’s imposing presence influences the overall defensive strategy of the team. Teams are forced to settle for midrange shots to avoid the rookie’s shot-blocking prowess at the rim. This impact ripples through to his teammates, licensing them to play more assertive defense on their assignments, knowing Wembanyama is nearby to help.

If Wembanyama continues this impressive defensive display of shot-blocking and steals, he could emerge as a serious contender for the Defensive Player of the Year award, challenging established names like Rudy Gobert. The Spurs are undoubtedly witnessing the rise of a defensive force in their rookie sensation.

In light of Wemby’s impactful defense, second-year wing Jeremy Sohan aptly captures the sentiment.

It’s not a typo – the Spurs have been blessed with a lineage of talented bigs, and Wemby stands as the promising torchbearer. His rookie campaign is carving out a place in basketball history.


As for Wemby’s consistently impressive performances, is a nightly 20/10/5/5 stat line the new normal for him?

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