Stephen Curry was in:su:lted by co-writer Dave Chappelle: “I’d rather watch Michael Jordan’s classic movie”














He may be Baby-Faced Assassin, but Golden boy Stephen Curry simply pales in comparison with vintage cum vindictive Michael Jordan.

Well, that’s how the two standup comedians are drawing parallels between the two basketball legends.

Having no love lost for Stephen Curry, the comics rue the game gone soft in an era where Warriors’ sharpshooter is redefining the records.

The funny comparison has taken the Bulls legend out of his spotlight-less seclusion. Finding solace in his family and golf, MJ mostly spends his post-retirement time away from the public gaze.

His focus is on building his investments and increasing his portfolio. But even then, he continues to drive the content.

Dan Soder on his Soder Podcast on Youtube welcomed his guest Neal Brennan who is famous for co-creating and co-writing the Chappelle’s Show.

Both of them agreed that they didn’t like Curry and the reason was rather bizarre.

Brennan said, “Steph Curry and a joke I didn’t do which is like I’d rather watch old Bulls games than new Golden State games.

I’d rather watch old Michael Jordan games that I know the outcome of than fresh Golden State Warrior Games, cuz cuz just he’s a little stable ”

Brennan shares a funny Michael Jordan story

Michael Jordan had a falling out with his teammate on stage. And that teammate was Steve Kerr, the current head coach of the Warriors.

Soder and Brennan recall how people couldn’t believe that MJ would hit a teammate and he was called petty. Both the comedians love that MJ was being petty.

Brennan had another story about MJ up his sleeve and wanted to reiterate his belief through the story.

Recalling a story about Jordan visiting a bar and a stranger with a Duke T-shirt teasing him.

Jordan was quick on his feet and gave a befitting reply saying, “I love your lacrosse team,” and never looked back at the stranger.

The reason for the stranger taunting MJ was because he rejected Duke in favor of the University of North Carolina.

Brennan loves such personalities and told a funny anecdote about the situation.

These guys are out of their minds, Michael Jordan is out of his mind, but is he a good dad? I don’t care, he’s not my dad! 

No doubt Curry is a legend of the game too, but do you believe that today’s game has gone soft?

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