Stephen Curry names the 3 defensive players he is most afraid of facing in his life: “When they are on the field, all light can be completely extinguished”

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is currently one of the best players in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors star is known for his top basketball IQ, superb ball handling ability and especially excellent 3-point shooting, helping him earn the title “Greatest 3-point shooting player.” ” in tournament history.

Therefore, defending Stephen Curry is always a difficult problem for any defense.

If defending 1-1, Curry can easily escape with the support walls created by his teammates. If you defend the zone, the space at the 3rd line is enough for Curry to punish everyone.

However, there are still many players, with excellent defense and annoying playing style, who have caused many difficulties for Curry.

In an interview with Willie Geist, the superstar defender identified three players he found most difficult to face.

Stephen Curry and the 3 most annoying defensive players ever faced

During his interview with Willie Geist, this reporter asked Curry many questions. In it, he asked which defensive players Curry had the greatest difficulty facing.

“Jrue Holiday, Tony Allen and Ron Artest. When they are on the field, any shine can be completely extinguished,” Stephen Curry replied.

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Of the three names mentioned above, Ron Artest and Tony Allen have both retired.

Jrue Holiday is currently playing for the Milwaukee Bucks, with five appearances on the defensive team of the year.

Jrue Holiday’s outstanding performance is the reason why the Bucks won the 2021 championship.


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Of the remaining two names, Tony Allen is a special player. Having limited offensive ability, Tony Allen’s defensive ability is unquestionable, with 6 appearances in the typical defensive lineup.

Even the late legend Kobe Bryant admitted that Tony Allen was the most difficult defensive player he ever faced.

Meanwhile, Ron Artest was a famous name in the early 2000s.

This player’s peak time did not coincide with Curry’s rise to fame.

However, the player who took home the title of “Defensive Player of the Year 2004” has always been respected by Curry.

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