Stephen Curry broke his silence on the unexpected restrictions and frankly declared: “To achieve that I…

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves 110-114.

They churned out a consistent 27-point three quarters, only to generate 29 points in the fourth

. Stephen Curry posted a game-high 31 points, shooting 9-21 from the floor; something the Warriors have triumphed with in the past.

Moreover, Andrew Wiggins joined in the fireworks (15 points) as 4 Golden State starters touched the double-digit mark.

Additionally, the Warriors held the lead for the majority of the game. All signs hinted at a potential Warriors comeback on the season.

However, that was until Steve Kerr decided to rest Stephen Curry for a heavy stretch in the fourth quarter.

When probed about the sidelining, Stephen Curry briefly glanced away.

However, he hinted at his fiery passion from the previous game, playing the entire fourth in the recent loss to the Indiana Pacers.

With that, and an eagerness to take the floor as much as possible, he admitted to being “a little bit” surprised at Kerr’s decision.

Regardless, understanding Kerr’s intricate attempt to find a balance within rotations, he said, “played the whole fourth quarter against Indiana, didn’t work out.

This didn’t work out. So, we’re gonna find somewhere in the middle.”

As Curry countered questions, he was asked if he, given the Warriors’ season at line, has a threshold of 30-32 per game.

To that, Steph acknowledged their gravity of their Conference standings. Citing that “every game matters,”

Curry said, “We’re inching closer to the other end of the standings.” H

owever, Curry resonated a burning determination to partake in the battle, claiming that he would be ready to play more minutes if the team needs him to.

Warriors need to capitalize on Stephen Curry’s 4Q production

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Stephen Curry’s most impactful moments are embroidered during the crunch time situations.

Moreover, Stephen Curry is posting one of his best 4th quarter productions of his career this season.

The sniper is averaging 7.3 points in the last stretch, shooting 44.4% from the field. It sits second best to his previous season’s 7.9 points on 48% clip.

If the Warriors aim to manage Curry’s minutes and foster a team chemistry in sniper’s absence, they should do it within the initial 2 quarters of the game.

Talking numbers, Curry posts 12.2 points in the 16.8 minutes he plays in the first half this season. (5.9 points in 9 minutes in 1Q and 6.3 points across 7.8 minutes across 2nd).

With that, he averages 14.7 points over 16 minutes of game-time in the second half.

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