Stephen Curry Breaks Silence With Pressing Demands On Draymond Green, Who Swelled With Gratitude Online

The Golden State Warriors recently faced off against the Orlando Magic.

Draymond Green, who has been handling the defensive front for his team for quite some time now, has had his share of troubles this ongoing season.

After having faced some severe consequences over them, fans would have expected the player to put aside his alleged competitive spirit and avoid getting into any further misfortune.

However, they would have been disappointed as the player ended up getting himself ejected during his first four minutes.

This was a result of his arguing with referee Ray Acosta after receiving back-to-back technical fouls.

In the aftermath of the game, Stephen Curry addressed Green’s ejection with the media.

He expressed his thoughts by stating “All I’ll say is we need him. He knows that.

We all know that. So whatever it takes for him to be on the floor and available, that’s what’s gotta happen.”

When discussing the game as a whole, the four-time NBA champion expressed his gratitude towards his other teammates by stating “I’m extremely proud of every single person that stepped foot on the floor tonight and responded the way that they did”.

Green’s ejection would have resulted in the Warriors losing out on their second successive win during the most crucial stage of the season.

However, Stephen Curry and the rest of the players took it upon themselves to make up for the gap by putting up a commendable offensive play.

While Curry went out of his way to drop 17 points, 4 rebounds, and 10 assists, Andrew Wiggins took the lead by adding 23 points to the overall score.

While the Magic made a last-ditch effort during the final seconds of the game to go over the Warriors’ 5-point lead, Curry dropped an impressive 3-pointer to put the hope out of their reach.

Draymond Green sent his love to his “dawgs” in the aftermath of the Magic clash

By adding another win to their name, the Warriors have increased their odds slightly towards qualifying for the playoffs.

While Stephen Curry expressed his gratitude towards the team effort that achieved this, Draymond Green also did not hold back in doing the same.

After the conclusion of the game, the 34-year-old player took to his official X account and wrote “Great DUB!! Appreciate my dawgs holding it down! On to the next one! BOUNCE BACK!”.

Draymond Green missed out on almost 25 games this season.

The majority of them were as a result of his suspension after getting into an on-court feud with two separate rivals on different occasions.

In his absence, the Warriors had a win-loss record of 11-14.

Knowing the role that the 4x NBA All-Star has for the roster, pulling off this win is a remarkable feat.

However, fans would hope that such a situation does not arise again and that Green would manage to go through the rest of the games without any further incidents.

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