Shocked by Wembanyama, the opponent’s reaction video went viral: “He is…

Victor Wembanyama vs. Raptors

Despite a defeat this Sunday evening, Victor Wembanyama made a rather good impression against the Raptors.

He was rarely found in attack, but he dissuaded his opponents on numerous occasions in defense, like his 5 counterattacks.

So OG Anunoby had one thing to say about him.

No victory for the Spurs against the Raptors this Sunday evening, despite a 22-point advantage.

A pretty cruel scenario for Gregg Popovich’s players, who will have to find a way to find Victor Wembanyama in the paint more often.

In great form against the Suns, the Frenchman was not highlighted against Toronto.

Much to the dismay of some supporters on social media.

When Wembanyama mistreats opposing attackers

Wemby nevertheless produced an interesting performance, including 5 counterattacks, all quite spectacular.

A show of strength for the Frenchman, capable of dissuading his opponents from trying their luck on numerous occasions.

And if they decide to try anyway, it often ends badly. OG Anunoby can attest to this.


The look right after 😅

Anunoby thought he had his chance, but he didn’t count on the exceptional quality of Wembanyama to counter absolutely everything.

The Raptors player quickly learned the lesson, even if he was decisive a little later by making the basket to force overtime.

But he insisted on having had a thought for Wemby.

At a press conference, Anunoby quickly returned to this funny sequence with a smile. For him, Victor is much too big:



OG Anunoby: “He’s too big. Much too big. I thought… but… too big.”

OG Anunoby will remember this for next time: it is better to avoid trying your luck with Victor Wembanyama around.

The Frenchman is simply too big for his opponents, which is a big asset for Spurs. The competition is warned.

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