Recruiting Superstars: Carmelo Anthony Reveals Future Plans for Victor Wembanyama and Spurs


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New center of attention on the NBA planet, Victor Wembanyama sees his situation generating many diverse and varied rumors. Recently invited to talk about them, Carmelo Anthony then put himself in the place of Spurs and gave his thoughts.

We didn’t even have to wait a season to see him ignite the transfer market. 

Victor Wembanyama may not have yet finished his rookie campaign, but he has already been announced as potentially leaving for Spurs by influential figures in the American media. 

Comments which obviously caused a stir across the Atlantic and to which Carmelo Anthony reacted in his 7PM in Brooklyn podcast :

The media always demands that things be done quickly. 

The Spurs have a plan for the kid. Give them time to put it into action! Pop’ knew they were going to suck this season. (…) San Antonio is not in an emergency. 

It’s one of those franchises that takes the time to develop. Of course, we have to bring a few players back there, but we also have to be patient.

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Carmelo Anthony cashes in on Wembanyama’s future at Spurs

Instead of also giving in to panic and inviting Wembanyama to pack up, Anthony advocates patience in this incendiary issue. 

That being said, he also encourages Spurs to strengthen the Frenchman’s supporting cast this summer so as not to fall behind in their plan. 

It now remains to be seen which profiles would be worth recruiting, and here again, the ex-Knicks star has his own idea:

It’s hard to say because the Spurs project is still in its early stages. 

We do not yet know how Wemby will evolve. 

On the other hand, we know what kind of recruits we need to add around him. 

Shooters, an explosive leader who can create the game but who does not necessarily seek to shoot above all. In any case, I don’t want Wemby to be the No.1 option at the moment. 

We need to add players around him.

Then enters the equation the rumor Trae Young, mentioned insistently with San Antonio for several weeks and who DeMarcus Cousins ​​notably implores to join Wemby . A sentiment that Melo visibly shares:

Trae? Yeah ! Downright ! We need another alpha male on this team who can bring a different type of energy. 

And Trae Young brings a different kind of energy. 

As a Knicks fan, I know something about this. So I think San Antonio should look into him. 

If he becomes accessible and he’s not happy (in Atlanta), you have to give it a shot.

Unfortunately for him and for the other supporters of this duo, it seems that the leader of the Hawks does not intend to change his tune anytime soon .

For Carmelo Anthony, a major recruit appears necessary for the Spurs project around Victor Wembanyama to accelerate. You can also add his name to the list of former players in favor of Trae Young’s arrival in San Antonio.

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