OVER IT Steph Curry’s reaction to Draymond Green ejection just four minutes into Warriors game spotted by live TV cameras (VIDEO+)

LIVE TV cameras caught an emotional reaction from Steph Curry after teammate Draymond Green was ejected minutes into Wednesday’s game.

Draymond Green has found it difficult to stay out of trouble during basketball games, but Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is playing him frequently as the team pushes for the playoffs.

Draymond Green was ejected just four minutes into Wednesday's game

Draymond Green was ejected just four minutes into Wednesday’s gameCredit: Twitter/NBCSWarriors 

Steph Curry couldn't believe his teammate got tossed so early into the contest

However, in the last few games Green has begun to lose his cool again, getting into foul trouble and hurting the Warriors.

During Wednesday night’s game against the Orlando Magic, the Warriors held a slim 6-4 lead when the Magic made a layup and got a free throw to go with it.

Green didn’t agree with the call, but took his argument too far. This earned him his second technical foul of the game less than four minutes after it started, forcing an ejection.

@yahoosports Steph was not happy with Draymond after he got ejected four minutes into Warriors-Magic 🫠 (via NBCSWarriors/X) #warriors #stephencurry #draymondgreen #nba #ejected ♬ original sound – Yahoo Sports

It appears that Steph Curry finally had enough of the issues with Green, as cameras caught an emotional reaction from him on the sideline.

Curry bent over with his hands on his knees, trying to compose himself for 30 seconds before getting up and wiping away tears with his jersey.

NBA fans were baffled by the reaction from Curry, with some speculating it could be the beginning of the end of Green’s time with the Warriors.

“When you realize the divorce is inevitable,” one fan said.

“Yeah Steph feeling that Bron feeling, having to do it all himself,” another fan said.

“Made that man cry smh he mad and frustrated I know them type of tears,” a third fan said.

“The face of someone who’s tired of draymond s*** hopefully,” a fourth fan said.

The Warriors rallied from the early ejection, taking down the Magic and keeping a hold on the No. 10 seed in the playoffs.


Green has always played hard, but recently he started taking things too far, continually getting ejected from games and endangering other players.

After his ejection on Wednesday night, he is up to 21 career ejections, the most among active players in the NBA.

The issue got so bad that in December, the NBA suspended Green indefinitely after he socked Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkic in the face.

At the time of the suspension, the NBA noted the decision “takes into account Green’s repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts.”

He was reinstated on January 10 after serving a 12-game suspension, and it appears he hasn’t learned his lesson quite yet.

Despite his actions, Kerr isn’t giving up on Green just yet.

“Too bad. It was unfortunate. He deserved it,” Kerr said after Wednesday’s game.

“He’ll bounce back. I’m just proud of the guys for stepping up.”

The Warriors won the game despite the early ejection of Green

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