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Victor Wembanyama at press conference for Spurs

Author of an XXL performance during Spurs’ victory against OKC this Thursday, Victor Wembanyama also saw his coaches’ recent choice in his regard confirmed. Afterwards, he therefore agreed to discuss this new management by Gregg Popovich.

Something promised, something due. Limited in terms of his playing time during a good part of the season, Victor Wembanyama has long been forced to chomp at the bit at Spurs. However, this only seemed like a precaution on the part of his trainers, wishing to protect him as much as possible for the future. However, this restriction seems to have been reduced in recent days.

Indeed, after playing 34 minutes against Minnesota on Tuesday, the French prodigy played 32 against the Thunder this Thursday. Time for him to achieve something never seen before in the history of the NBA and to offer a flashy success to his team (132-118) against a big name from the Western Conference. It would therefore seem that this development suits him very well… which he nevertheless allowed himself to qualify afterwards.

An increase in playing time difficult to manage for Wembanyama?

Asked about his recent gain in minutes by Hector Ledesma of ClutchPoints at a press conference, Wembanyama admitted to experiencing certain difficulties adapting to this new pace:

Now that my minutes are starting to increase, I think I need a little time to adjust to them.

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So, I was a little disturbed during the match. In the end, I think I played the last 5 or 6 minutes. I was hesitant to ask for a replacement, but I told myself that I had to hang in there and get through it because ultimately I’m going to have to get used to playing so much of minutes. So, I stayed on the field and pulled away. I had to overcome this ordeal.

Before the All-Star Break, it had become usual to see Wemby play between 25 and 28 minutes per game. This instruction came straight from the Spurs medical staff and followed the ankle pain felt by the French interior for several weeks. Concerned about the health of his player, Gregg Popovich therefore took this recommendation into account despite the frustration it caused.

But after a short week’s break at mid-season, Wemby is indeed more on the pitch, even if he must find the rhythm necessary to avoid sinking physically. However, that did not prevent him from signing some monumental and viral actions on Chet Holmgren at the very end of the meeting. A good omen before the home stretch of the regular season.

Amazing in the success against the Thunder this Thursday, Victor Wembanyama spared no effort. He will therefore have to get used to playing so many minutes to allow the Spurs to seek new victories before the end of the season.

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