NBA – Wemby explodes the counters against Jokic and slams something never seen before in all of history!

Victor Wembanyama, French Spurs player, with a smile
NBA Extra (DR)

For the second time this season, Victor Wembanyama faced Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets this Friday. 

Despite his team’s new defeat and a lackluster performance, the Frenchman still managed to write the history of the league.

If he can already congratulate himself on having won victories against big men stars such as Rudy Gobert and Anthony Davis, he will still have to wait to win against Nikola Jokic.

Already beaten by his Serbian counterpart last November, Victor Wembanyama had to lose again this Friday in this high-flying duel (106-117).

A duel from which he can nevertheless extract some positive notes.

The new lunar record signed Victor Wembanyama

No doubt frustrated by this setback against the Nuggets, Wembanyama can nevertheless console himself by saying that there are few in the league who can get the upper hand over Jokic and his team.

Gregg Popovich’s laudatory words about the Denver pivot delivered afterwards bear witness to this.

That said, with his 17 points, 9 rebounds, and especially his 3 blocks, the young French prodigy signed an almost unprecedented feat:

Victor Wembanyama joins Raef LaFrentz as the only players in NBA history to total 200 blocks and 100 3-point shots in a season

Only one player has managed to be so prolific in both blocking and 3-point shooting over a season in the entire history of the NBA.

In a twist of fate, it is a former Denver interior in the person of Raef LaFrentz. However, unlike the latter, Wemby has also enjoyed his partners in recent months, which allows him to write his name alone in the league’s tablets:

Victor Wembanyama this season: 203 assists, 200 blocks, 100 3-point shots scored. He is the first player with at least 200 assists, 200 blocks and 100 3-point shots scored in a season in NBA history.

New evening, new shower of historic exploits for Victor Wembanyama, whose domination against the counter allows him to dust off the history books. 

A nice consolation prize after the defeat suffered against Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets.

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