NBA – Wembanyama’s crazy effect since his arrival at the Spurs: “More than a billion…

Victor Wembanyama warming up for Spurs

Victor Wembanyama is a true phenomenon for the NBA and the league is aware of it. Just look at the buzz generated by the Frenchman since his arrival at Spurs, enough to make some people dizzy.

As LeBron James approaches retirement, the NBA may have already found its new face for the next 10/15 years. Victor Wembanyama emerges as the providential choice, the Frenchman having a similar mentality and incredible talent. Even better for the league? The hype is completely crazy when we talk about the French.

The NBA explodes thanks to Victor Wembanyama

Just look at Wemby’s influence on social media. Fans are rushing to watch his latest highlights as the NBA has just confirmed. Victor’s videos have generated over 1 billion views according to the league, making him the third most viewed player behind LeBron and Stephen Curry. A phenomenon.

Victor Wembanyama has garnered over a billion views on his videos across NBA social media accounts. The third most watched player behind LeBron and Steph Curry.

Like it or not, the Wembanyama hype is real and fans absolutely want to see the phenomenon in action, whether behind a screen or in NBA theaters. The new face of the league seems ready.

Future face of the league👽

The Victor Wembanyama phenomenon is underway and apart from an injury, we don’t see what can stop the Frenchman. The fans are under the spell and this is only the beginning of a great and long adventure.

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