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Victor Wembanyama and RUyd Gobert, the racket of the French team
San Antonio Spurs (DR) / Minnesota Timberwolves (DR)

With 7 new counterattacks this Sunday evening, Victor Wembanyama confirms that he will have a good place in the ranking of the best defender of the year. 

He even returned to the difference with Rudy Gobert, who remains the favorite.

While he has just passed 200 blocks over the entire season, a relatively rare feat for a rookie in history, Victor Wembanyama continues with the Spurs. 

He dropped 7 blocks against the Nets this Sunday evening, allowing San Antonio to recover a great victory on the Austin side. 

The fans are obviously over the moon, especially with a DPOY on the line.

With his new crazy performance, the rookie of the year trophy will definitely go to him. 

Wemby has simply been better for a while compared to Chet Holmgren, but DPOY is more complex. 

Rudy Gobert seems to be the favorite with the Wolves’ excellent run, and even Victor recognized him recently with a viral punchline .

Victor Wembanyama honest about Rudy Gobert

Wembanyama remains lucid and knows that he has almost no chance for the DPOY, however, he should get a good place when we see his last months of competition. 

The fact is that the Spurs are much better on defense when he is there. In front of journalists this Sunday, he specifically returned to the difference with Gobert in his game.

Victor Wembanyama on Rudy Gobert : “The difference, I think you can see it in the advanced statistics:

I cover a larger area while he defends with more intensity in the paint. 

We both have strengths and weaknesses. »

With a lot of interceptions and blocks this season, Wembanyama in any case has the statistics to claim the DPOY, to the point where he is already doing much better than Jaren Jackson Jr when he was crowned with the Grizzlies.

An honorable record for Wembanyama, who should lose the trophy because of Spurs’ record. 

That seems pretty harsh for the Frenchman, but he also knows that he will have plenty of time to win the DPOY in the future at 20 years old. 

Rudy Gobert, Anthony Davis and even Giannis Antetokounmpo can fear the worst for the future.

And if the defender of the year is a logical trophy, Wembanyama aims above all to win the championship. 

He hopes to experience a similar scenario to Nikola Jokic even if the Frenchman warns: he does not want to wait too long before winning.

Victor Wembanyama recognizes that he and Rudy Gobert do not have exactly the same defense. They are in any case two great defenders, who will face each other a few times for this DPOY title in the future…

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