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Les joueurs NBA français Rudy Gobert (gauche) et Victor Wembanyama (droite)

With the individual trophies soon to be over thanks to the end of the regular season, fans have already chosen their side for the DPOY.

And for many, Victor Wembanyama must be the favorite.

In a few weeks, once the regular season is over, journalists will be able to make their choice regarding individual titles.

The rookie of the year will be for Victor Wembanyama, while Nikola Jokic is building a good lead for a third MVP title.

For the DPOY, Rudy Gobert seemed ahead for a long time… but Wemby is right there.

The DPOY finally for Wembanyama?

Should the collective assessment be taken into account for the DPOY?

The answer is no for many fans.

The fact is that Wembanyama is transforming the Spurs defensive sector, to the point where the statistics are all going his way.

Can Gobert still be considered favorite?

Some journalists made it clear that their vote would in any case go to Victor .

Matches with more than 5 blocks: Rudy Gobert – 3. Wemby – 22. How is Gobert still the favorite for the DPOY ahead of Wemby?


The Spurs are not bad with Wembanyama on the floor.

It’s an individual trophy. 4th defensive rating with Wembanyama on the floor, 28th without him.

Wemby is the DPOY and ROY

Should Spurs’ record penalize Wembanyama?

Many have decided on their side, it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to overthrow Gobert at the top of the ranking, he who was a long favorite.

Let’s say that doubt is allowed today.

Victor Wembanyama soon DPOY, in addition to the title of ROY?

We are still far from it and it is difficult to know if the journalists have made their choice.

But the debate is clearly open.

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