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Gregg Popovich, Victor Wembanyama et Vincent Collet

He is still only 20 years old, but Victor Wembanyama has already evolved under the orders of some big names in coaching like Gregg Popovich or Vincent Collet.

The Spurs pivot also discussed his relationship with the two tacticians recently.

There is no longer any doubt about it: Victor Wembanyama will be Rookie of the Year in 2023-24.

His Spurs certainly suffer a lot of defeats, but the trophy has never been a question of victories.

Especially since the pivot regularly put together incredible performances with a near quadruple-double against Nikola Jokic’s Nuggets recently

. It’s difficult to take the trophy away from him when he is dubbed by almost everyone.

If his elders also often shower him with compliments, it is not only because he impresses in the game.

In addition to being an excellent basketball player, the Frenchman is also a very easy player to get along with on a daily basis. , eager for knowledge and attentive to those who are more experienced. 

An attitude that greatly pleases Kevin Garnett and we imagine that his coaches are also rubbing their hands with it.

Wemby’s very humble speech on Collet and Popovich

Since we are talking about coaching, the V has also had the chance to evolve under the orders of some big names.

Vincent Collet trained him during his last season in France and is now his coach with the Blues, while the immense Gregg Popovich is now his superior in San Antonio.

Asked about them recently, the French interior took the opportunity to speak a little about them:

It’s different, they’re two very different people. I would say it’s…

There are similarities between these two relationships, between Vincent and me and Pop and me.

Because I am a student and they are the masters. But otherwise, my relationship with Pop hasn’t particularly evolved in one direction since the start of the season.

We always talk a lot, we get along well, we laugh together. Afterwards, he is still just as demanding and I won’t let him go either.

Once again, it must be remembered that the man is still only 20 years old.

which does not prevent him from displaying a fairly impressive maturity, while young stars can easily come into conflict with their coaches.

It must be said that both Collet and Popovich have a CV that speaks for them: the first was European champion and Olympic vice-champion while the second has 5 championship rings.

In other words, they know perfectly how to go very far or even to the end and it is therefore a rare opportunity to be able to regularly benefit from their advice.

In addition to being the franchise player of the Éperons, the big man is also preparing to become the spearhead of the French team.

The Paris Olympics in a few months will also be a dress rehearsal, before he takes the reins for good.

Each in their own way, Vincent Collet and Gregg Popovich contributed to making Victor Wembanyama what he is (already) today and he therefore owes them a lot.

We obviously hope that he will be able to return the favor for many years, whether at Spurs or within the French team.

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