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NBA Victor Wembanyama

Highly anticipated before his arrival, Victor Wembanyama breaks everything for his NBA debut. Former players are raving about the Frenchman’s exploits, with one ex-champion with Spurs saying he could already claim the title of best player in the league… but that a flaw currently prevents him from doing so, and that’s not the case. is not his doing.

Some will already compare him to Wilt Chamberlain, with added advantages . Needless to say, we shouldn’t get too excited either since we’re talking about a rookie season and there’s still a long way to go, but that shows how impressive Victor Wembanyama is in his first months in the United States. United. His Spurs are still very bad and occupy last place in the West, but the Frenchman largely meets expectations.

With more than 20 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and blocks on average (No. 1 in the league in this last category), the former Boulogne-Levallois represents a nightmare for his opponents and surpasses himself against the best players in the league. league. Quite simply mind-blowing for the former basketball players, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson were full of praise for the big man on their podcast recently:

Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes blown away by Wembanyama’s level

Matt Barnes : This kid is very cool to watch play. I mean, this boy is special, his body and the way he built his mobility. He is constantly focused. He reads before going to bed. He doesn’t seek trouble with people. He’s not a thug. I mean, he’s going 20/10/3 this year, the last player to do it was the Big Aristotle – Shaq in 2000.

Stephen Jackson : This is the worst version of him right now. He will continue to improve, get stronger and understand the game better. Kevin Durant said: “One day he will be the best player in the league.” We are witnessing the birth of a real unicorn.

Himself a former Spurs player, the 2003 champion also added a layer on the V and the Texans:

The best thing that happened to him was landing with Pop, because Pop knows how to build players. I think he would be the best player in the league if he had two other stars on the team right now. We’re going to call him the best player in the league because his team will probably be at the top of the East or West and he’ll have the same stats.

Impossible to deny this argument from “Jax”, San Antonio still has too weak a squad around Wemby. Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan are his best teammates, not bad but also not sufficient and especially not experienced enough. A real leader would not be too much to support the Habs, hence the very persistent rumors around Trae Young for several weeks.

According to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Victor Wembanyama already has the potential to become the best player in the league. All the Frenchman is missing is a little bottle and a better roster at Spurs to magnify his performances. All that remains is to hope that this last problem is quickly resolved.

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