NBA – Victor Wembanyama talks about the impact of Manu Ginobili: “He’s one of those who…

Perfectly acclimated to Texan life today, Victor Wembanyama has been able to count on the support of several people in San Antonio since his arrival. Among them ? Manu Ginobili, present for the French. The latter spoke about his relationship with the Argentinian.

The Spurs seem like the perfect franchise for Victor Wembanyama today. He never hid his desire to land in San Antonio even before his draft and we understand why, just with the presence of Gregg Popovich. And like his speech to the fans after the victory against the Thunder, we can say that Wemby quickly found his place in Texas.

It must be said that Wembanyama has been well surrounded since he arrived in San Antonio. We are obviously talking about Popovich, who meets him almost every day, while the person concerned can count on several legends to advise him. Tony Parker has known him for years, as have Nicolas Batum and Rudy Gobert.

Manu Ginobili ultra involved at Spurs

But since arriving at Spurs, Wemby can also benefit from the advice of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. The two are not present every day, but they are sometimes passing through to provide some comments if necessary. At a press conference after his exploit against the Pacers this Sunday, Wembanyama mentioned the Argentinian’s case.

Victor Wembanyama on Manu Ginobili : “He is one of those who welcomed us the most, me personally but also the team. As much on a sporting level as the organization of the life of a young NBA player. We have all already been able to chat with him. Personally, he gave me advice for things related to basketball or things outside it. »

“How to manage your house, training, all that. He also often goes to training sessions and sometimes gives technical advice. It’s nice to see how invested he is. (…) He is the one we see most often, even if the others are also there. »

Manu Ginobili is concerned by the new generation of Spurs, he who often comes to watch the matches in the public. We imagine that like everyone else, he is impressed by Wembanyama and wants to help him in his career. An invaluable contribution for the person concerned.

Victor Wembanyama can count on many people at Spurs, including Manu Ginobili. The Argentinian is present for the new generation in San Antonio, and suffice to say that his knowledge is a major asset.

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