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Victor Wembanyama and Wilt Chamberlain
NBAVictor Wembanyama has ignited the media since his recent performances, so much so that everyone is predicting a huge career for him at Spurs. A famous polemicist even goes so far as to compare him to Wilt Chamberlain.

Author of a new crazy performance, this time against his direct competitor, Victor Wembanyama is making the NBA dizzy. Everyone is announcing a huge career for the Frenchman, although the Spurs will have to do what is necessary on their part, by improving the quality of the roster for example. Whatever happens, Wemby’s career is off to an exceptional start.

The conflagration continues over Victor Wembanyama

It’s been a long time since a rookie has so panicked the supporters. It’s difficult to know Victor’s limit today, but the rest promises to be very interesting. The polemicist Colin Cowherd completely ignites in his recent show. He does not hesitate to compare the former Mets to Wilt Chamberlain, with an added advantage.

Colin Cowherd on Victor Wembanyama : “He was remarkable. He’s only 20 years old, he just put up 28 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 blocks. It’s something else. Who against a shot from a guy who is 2m16 (Chet Holmgren)? Do you know how high you have to jump? All the analysts before his draft said he was skinny, that he was going to get dumped. He leads the league in blocks, and he’s improving really quickly. »

“He’s already a better shooter than Giannis. Much further ahead than him. And even if he’s not as strong as Anthony Davis, he’s already a better rim protector. Every 10 years in the NBA, it seems like we see something we’ve never seen before. In the 60s, there was Kareem. In the 70s, there was Magic. In the 80s, there was Michael. In the 90s, there was Shaq. In the 2000s, there was LeBron. In the 2010s, there was Steph, and now Victor. »

“What are we looking at with Wemby? A better Kevin Durant, and much more dominant in defense. A Giannis but much better at shooting. He’s Wilt Chamberlain with a jumper. And like I said, he’s improving very quickly. »

Quite a compliment for Wembanyama, who probably doesn’t dare compare himself to the other legends on his side. The Frenchman has already repeated it: he wants to write his own history at Spurs, but above all to win many titles. In any case, we can say that his adventure in the NBA is off to an ideal start.

Colin Cowherd gets excited about Victor Wembanyama, perhaps too much for some people’s tastes. However, the Frenchman’s future looks bright, especially when we see what he is achieving at only 20 years old. The NBA can rub its hands in front of such a player.

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