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NBA Victor Wembanyama

2m24 or not, Victor Wembanyama showed a certain ease at 3 points during the month of February.

 Unfortunately, his performance dropped during March, and the Frenchman thinks he has an explanation.

Still valuable against the Grizzlies, Victor Wembanyama was unfortunately not enough to bring victory to his team.

Despite 31 points and 16 rebounds, the Frenchman had to return home with another defeat, this time against Memphis.

However, he still produced a few crazy sequences, including one to end the third quarter in style .

Wembanyama struggling at three points, he explains

Another one that we can highlight? Wembanyama’s first in this match.

A long three points from the logo, which allowed the Spurs to launch hostilities against the Grizzlies.

Except that with a 3/12 when returning to the locker room, Victor unfortunately did not succeed in adjusting the sights afterwards.

Frustrating we imagine.

Wembanyama then failed to confirm during this match, like the ugly 7/38 long distance from Spurs.

A general problem for Gregg Popovich’s men throughout this season, and not necessarily exclusive to the Frenchman.

But for Wemby, it’s a little surprise knowing that he was at 41.3% from three points during the month of February.

In March ? It just fell to 29.3%, although the month is not over yet.

Asked about this rather surprising drop, Wembanyama thinks he has a simple explanation:

Wembanyama : “I think the fact of having stopped for two matches, it broke my rhythm a little.

It’s not supposed to be an excuse because, even if there is this break, it’s something that happens to miss matches in a career.

I certainly didn’t start in the right way. »

More clumsy at three points, Victor Wembanyama hopes to find the target again by the end of this campaign, just to finish on a good note. 

In any case, he still has a few weeks left to conclude strongly.

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