NBA – “Victor Wembanyama could win this trophy at least 8 times”

Victor Wembanyama
NBAAuthor of new carnage against the Pacers, Victor Wembanyama continues to impress with his recent performances. For some, there is no doubt that he could win a trophy numerous times throughout his career.

The matches follow one another and are similar for Victor Wembanyama in recent weeks. The Frenchman continues to be carded, with the Thunder and the Pacers as the latest victims. This Sunday evening, with a huge double-double, Wemby has just written a new record in NBA history . One more. And if Internet users remembered one statistic, it was his 6 counterattacks.

A title already promised to Victor Wembanyama?

Partly thanks to his 2m24, it is clear that Victor is going to be a problem on defense for his opponents. He will not win the DPOY this year, the fault of a more disappointing collective performance in San Antonio, but the future looks bright. Some fans are announcing the color: Wemby will win the DPOY a lot of times.

Victor Wembanyama records averages of 5.4 blocks over his last 8 matches.

He may not win the DPOY this season, but hell, he could win this trophy at least 8 times before he retires

It’s unclear if this is possible, especially with some voter fatigue, but Wembanyama has what it takes to win the DPOY multiple times in his career. Everything should depend on the collective performance of Spurs in the future.

If he doesn’t win it this year it’s simply because he’s a rookie. It would definitely be won otherwise

First in blocks, top 20 in steals, there’s a stat on how teams attack the basket when he’s/isn’t on the floor… He could and should win this year.

Why wait ? For many fans, Victor Wembanyama deserves the defender of the year award, ahead of Rudy Gobert and the other contenders. A file that defends itself.

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