NBA – Victor Wembanyama cashes on his lethal weapon: “The defender doesn’t expect it”

Victor Wembanyama in the Spurs jersey

After almost a full season, Victor Wembanyama showed all the colors to his opponents on the floor.

And yet, the Frenchman did not make much use of his most terrifying asset in his offensive arsenal, the strengths of which he explained a few months ago in an interview with the First Team .

At this point, even Chet Holmgren no longer seems able to steal the Rookie of the Year.

Drafted first position almost a year ago, Victor Wembanyama justified his status for his first steps in the NBA.

His Spurs suffered a series of defeats, but convinced him on an individual level with 20 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks per game.

In 64 matches played so far, the French pivot has showcased his technical skills while astonishing the media, fans and even his peers with his extraordinary athleticism.

Like a good superstar, he put on a show on several occasions, including pulling off some real crazies like this three-point shot attempted on one leg against the Grizzlies a few weeks ago.

The one-legged three-point shot, Wembanyama’s X-factor

Defending on a 2m24 interior with a good jump-shot is already hell in itself for anyone, especially since the V has a height of 2m44 (NBA record).

But if in addition he indulges in follies of this kind…

The Tricolore had often created a buzz with this move during his last season in France and a few months ago, he had told the story behind it during ‘an interview conducted with the First Team :

I remember seeing Kevin Durant do it a while ago and everything, and I was like, “but actually, it’s so unexpected that the defender doesn’t expect it.” »

If the guy fears the shot, the drive, the pass, the jump-shot, he no longer knows where to turn. If you do that, it comes out of nowhere actually. (…) I’ve had this move in mind for two years.

For the moment, Wemby is still a little clumsy behind the arc with only 32% three-point success.

It is also for this reason that he did not abuse this potential lethal weapon in 2023-24, but everyone knows that he is capable of pulling such madness out of his hat at any moment.

Enough to push the defenders to be extra vigilant against him.

Not content with already being monstrous in defense and doing well offensively, Victor Wembanyama also has a high-level trump card with his three-point shot on one leg.

If he manages to adjust the sights at long range next year, perhaps he will try it again…

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