NBA – Victor Wembanyama associated with… Bronny and LeBron James? The crazy suggestion!

While the Spurs will quickly seek to improve the quality of the squad, one Internet user is clear: the franchise must recover Bronny James. And all with an argument.

The pressure is real at Spurs for years to come.

Having Victor Wembanyama in the squad is a good thing, but the managers must now do what is necessary to surround the Frenchman well.

With the draft in June and money to spend in July, fans are in any case confident about the future.

The crazy association suggested to Spurs for Wembanyama

For an Internet user, the target has already been found to help Wembanyama: Bronny James.

While the latter is uncertain for the next draft, ESPN having even classified him in the 2025 vintage, LeBron’s son could be the perfect teammate for Victor.

In any case, this is what a fan explains on Reddit.

With the fourth pick, the Spurs must draft Bronny James.

They will probably finish in the top 4 and you have to take it.

For his first season at USC, he averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.3 assists on 37.1%, 27.8%, 62.1% shooting in 20 minutes per game.

Yes, those aren’t crazy stats, but one thing that doesn’t show in the box score is his defense.

Bronny James is a Kawhi Leonard in a 6-foot-8 body.

He already has NBA level defense and has excellent basketball IQ. This is rare for a guard, especially in today’s NBA.

He is also an excellent creator who has a great vision. He would be perfect for Spurs to pair with Wembanyama. Additionally, his draft could attract LeBron James.

An ambitious fan regarding Bronny, to the point where some Internet users are already imagining a secondary account of his agent, Rich Paul.

Remember that for the moment, James’ presence in the next draft is very uncertain.

Bronny James and Victor Wembanyama on the same team? Plus LeBron James? This fan gets very excited for Internet users. It remains to be seen whether Spurs are interested in the young player’s potential.

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