NBA –”There can be no mistakes for victory” Victor Wembanyama collapsed after the match with Jokic

Nikola Jokic and Victor Wembanyama delighted the spectators this Tuesday evening with another big duel, despite fatigue.

The Frenchman was honest in front of journalists.

As the end of the season approaches, it’s not easy for Victor Wembanyama from a physical point of view.

He was still close to a quadruple-double this Tuesday evening against the Nuggets, but we also felt the former Mets was very worn out by fatigue.

There is no doubt that the altitude of Colorado played a role.

Nikola Jokic? Given his 42 points, 16 rebounds and 6 assists, we can say that the double MVP is a regular.

At a press conference, Wemby admitted, however, that it was not easy to perform in Denver.

Fatigue is present, even if he is satisfied with Spurs’ performance. Despite the absences, the Texans were very close to victory.

Wembanyama : “It was difficult, I’m really tired, it’s hard to think. But we had a good performance. »

Wembanyama honest on Jokic

A defeat certainly, but encouraging for a young Spurs roster. A confirmation that the franchise has made good progress over the last few months of competition, and that it will want to continue on this path for years to come.

For now, Wembanyama is satisfied with the match, especially against Jokic in great form

Victor Wembanyama on his duel against Nikola Jokic : “Yeah, it was fun. It’s really demanding in terms of scouting, regarding the fact that you have to know how to react quickly. There is no room for error – at any position. »

Wembanyama will keep good memories of this duel, especially since he will cross paths with the Nuggets again in a few days, with the firm intention of taking victory this time. The respect between Wemby and Jokic is in any case real.

Victor Wembanyama congratulates himself after his duel against Nikola Jokic, aware that he gave everything with his teammates to try to take victory. Gregg Popovich’s men will still have an opportunity this season.

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