NBA – The Warriors smashed by an escort girl: “The only thing worse than you is…

NBA Draymond Green remercie Niko Jokic

More than ever in decline, the Golden State dynasty has especially created buzz for the wrong reasons this year.

Proof by being the last match of Stephen Curry & co. opposite Dallas, during which a controversial action caused… an escort girl to be unpinned.

With five wins in a row, the Warriors (41-34, 10th in the West) currently have the longest current streak in the league.

The timing couldn’t be better as they are not yet guaranteed to qualify for the Play-In, with the Rockets still having a small chance of overtaking them in the standings. In other words, the slightest success is worth gold in the final sprint of this regular season.

During their last meeting against the Mavericks, Stephen Curry and others pocketed an ultra-important victory (104-100).

Except that it didn’t happen without controversy… and unsurprisingly, it was none other than Draymond Green who was behind it.

Several times sanctioned or even suspended this year, the star acted again with a big blow to the face against Luka Doncic


An escort unpins after Draymond’s new big mistake

Surprisingly, the referees did not call a foul on this action. After having already strangled Rudy Gobert then hit Jusuf Nurkic in recent months, Draymond adds a new victim to his “record” and by dint of multiplying these actions, it is Golden State as a whole which is paying the price.

Having recently created a buzz in their room , the sultry escort girl Katherine Taylor revealed after the meeting:

The Warriors, you are the filet mignon of basketball. Perhaps the only thing worse than you is the Oakland Raiders. Own it. You have no respect for other teams.

Your level of fair play tonight was a shame. It’s heartbreaking to see Mark Cuban stand up screaming after Draymond practically punched Luka Doncic in the face.

It’s disgusting to see you treat a team from the South like this. I had to leave the room prematurely.

Draymond Green’s violent hits in the middle of a match have dictated the pace of the Warriors’ season much more than anything else and we hardly ever talk about anything other than that.

We experienced a more relaxed climate, as the Play-In and the playoffs approached…

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