NBA – The viral sequence which causes controversy between Wembanyama and Jokic: “Wemby was not…

NBA Victor Wembanyama and Nikola Jokic

Already renowned for being a competitor with the desire to win in every game, Victor Wembanyama did not really appreciate losing to Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets. And it showed after the buzzer…

Although he’s been at the bottom of the Western Conference with the Spurs since the start of this season, that doesn’t mean Victor Wembanyama is used to losing in Texas.

He still hates losing, especially when he doesn’t have the opportunity to fully express himself.

With 12 shots and good defense from Denver this Friday night, we can’t say he had an excellent evening.

Wembanyama’s disappointment after defeat

And it showed. While the respect is real with Nikola Jokic, many Internet users were able to note Wembanyama’s sadness when greeting the Serb.

Nothing against the latter obviously, but disappointment after the defeat… or anger for this performance. It’s up to you to judge by the video captured by the NBA.

Jokic x Wemby. ✊

Despite a smiling Jokic, we can see that Wembanyama is not in the same state of mind. Clearly affected by this defeat, he who hopes to end his first season at Spurs on a good note. The supporters quickly noticed his attitude.

Wemby really wasn’t happy after that lol. Teammates and efficiency aside, Jokic is probably the guy you want to shine against defensively, and I imagine it’s frustrating to see Jokic string floater after floater after that first counter.

Wemby seems disgusted lol

After a defeat and a crazy performance from Nikola Jokic, it is clear that Victor Wembanyama did not particularly want to smile. An infuriating result for the Frenchman, who hopes to bounce back very quickly.

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