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While Luka Doncic and Victor Wembanyama did not have a big offensive game this Tuesday, that does not prevent the two players from embodying the future of the NBA. But who to choose for your franchise? 

Fans have a strong opinion.

Limited to 12 points at 3/13 shooting, Victor Wembanyama had to stand out defensively this Tuesday evening against the Mavericks, to the point of receiving praise from Kyrie Irving .

The playmaker was impressed by the prowess of his counterpart, who he even sees becoming defender of the year with such an impact on the floor.

And it wouldn’t be undeserved when we see Victor’s performance this season.

The debate between Doncic and Wembanyama

Opposite, Luka Doncic (18 points, 6/27 shooting) didn’t shine much better, he who had a “less” evening in the world of basketball.

Fortunately his teammates were there to make up for it, even if that obviously doesn’t take anything away from his talent.

Doncic embodies the present and future of the league, to the point that the StatMuse account wanted to start a little debate.

Who do you prefer to rebuild around? Wemby: 20.8 points, 10.4 rebounds, 3.5 blocks. Luka: 34.4 points, 9 rebounds, 9.7 assists.

It must be recognized that today, the question does not really arise.

Wembanyama may have had a historic rookie season, but Doncic is much further along in terms of development, with some big performances in the playoffs.

The supporters are of the same opinion… but nothing is definitive either.

If you ask me today, I would say Luka.

But if you ask me in a few years, this answer might 100% be different

I see rebuilding as a long-term thing, so I’m taking Wemby.

Luka Doncic has already impressed for years at the Mavericks, but now must prove that he is capable of winning. 

Victor Wembanyama is just a rookie. 

However, his future perhaps looks better when we see everything he has achieved at 20 years old.

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