NBA – The photo of Wembanyama and Popovich that ignites the networks: “In 20 years, it will be…

Gregg Popovich and his prodigy Victor Wembanyama

Failing to offer a first season marked by success, the duo formed by Victor Wembanyama and Gregg Popovich remains surrounded by great hopes within the Spurs Nation. 

She was also projected far away at the sight of a photo of the two men.

For some, he was the ideal mentor to support such a talented and promising prospect.

For others, his methods were too outdated for this task.

For the moment, it is difficult to draw any conclusions from the first months of association between Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama.

Because while the Frenchman shines individually, his team occupies last place in the Western conference.

The Wembanyama-Popovich pair is creating a buzz

This Tuesday again, the Spurs seemed far too tender to overcome the Mavericks (107-113).

Wembanyama, for his part, had a very difficult evening despite the praise Kyrie Irving gave him at the end of the meeting.

However, this did not stop him from making a name for himself on social networks.

This, in particular with the help of a photo where he poses with Popovich on the San Antonio bench:

By simply adopting the same posture, the legendary coach and the Spurs nugget released a lot of flow.

Many Internet users have highlighted the charisma of the two men, supported by Coach Pop’s camera gaze.

Others even saw it as a photo which already promises to be iconic and which fans and media will bring back with a touch of nostalgia in a few decades:

In 20 years, this will be one of those images in the basketball history books

It looks like a legendary photo that we will bring out in 30 years

Will the Victor Wembanyama-Gregg Popovich pair mark NBA history? 

In any case, this is what Spurs fans are hoping for, who would see themselves bringing out this viral photo in the future while remembering the beginnings of a possible dynasty.

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