NBA – The Pacers coach bluntly on Victor Wembanyama: “He is…

Spurs' Victor Wembanyama and Pacers coach Rick Carlisle
NBAStill as dominant, Victor Wembanyama made short work of Indiana in San Antonio’s victory (117-105). His evening opponents could only see the damage after the match, like coach Rick Carlisle who had addressed his case before the match.

Are the Spurs showing on a diet? It may still be a little early to say this, but the Texans have just scored two high-ranking victories in the last few days. After beating the Thunder first in the West, this time they won against the Pacers with the best attack in the league and whom they nevertheless managed to limit to only 105 points. A nice performance.

Obviously, this success of Gregg Popovich’s men is largely due to Victor Wembanyama. Already monstrous against Chet Holmgren and OKC, the first pick of the 2023 draft did it again against Tyrese Haliburton & co. As a result, he once again accomplished something never seen before in history , giving Indiana nightmares.

Rick Carlisle and the Pacers impressed by Victor Wembanyama

31 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists and 6 blocks: it’s simple, the Frenchman did absolutely everything to his opponents. The latter could therefore only see the damage after the meeting, starting with coach Rick Carlisle. The latter was also very complimentary towards the Habs before the meeting, and he returned it well.

I always marvel at the things he does, the things he sees, his length. It doesn’t look like he’s 2m24 tall. Looks like it must be bigger than that. He’s an extraordinary player. I like his state of mind and his attitude on the pitch. He is truly special. He finished the match at +19, that makes a lot of impact.

It’s hard to disagree with the coach as the Habs dominated on both sides of the pitch, which is really starting to become a habit for him. In addition to his historic back-to-back, he also allowed himself to join a club composed solely of… former Spurs rookies. Quite a symbol for the new boss of San Antonio.

Victor Wembanyama joins David Robinson (twice) and Tim Duncan among the only rookies in NBA history to compile more than 30 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 blocks in a game.

In the front row to witness the new carnage of Victor Wembanyama, Rick Carlisle knows that the Spurs nugget is only at the very beginning of his long career . The Texans have been much more convincing in recent days and the Frenchman is no stranger to this. Hopefully it will last until the end of the season.

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