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There is now no doubt, the Spurs will once again inherit a high choice during the Draft. But who will they take to accompany Victor Wembanyama? According to a specialist, there is a big name to watch in the NCAA.

While some experts hoped to see them join the fight for play in, the Spurs are once again stuck in the depths of the Western Conference. 

They may have been doing better since the All-Star Weekend break, but the only suspense at the end of the season is knowing where they will fall in the lottery.

After recovering Victor Wembanyama last June, San Antonio could once again inherit the No. 1 choice in the Draft.

 The problem is that this vintage is much less talented than the previous one, and a little more than three months before the big evening, no nugget really stands out as a future NBA great.

Reed Shepard, announced new teammate of Wembanyama?

This is why expert predictions change so often. 

For a time, Alexandre Sarr was projected to the top of his “class”, before being overtaken by another Frenchman in the person of Zaccharie Risacher. 

But according to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer , if the Spurs recover the 1st pick, they will instead turn to an American.

Kentucky’s Reed Sheppard is a real option thanks to his shooting prowess, feel for the game and defensive intensity. 

But is the No. 1 choice too early to select him, who is only 1m91 tall and weighs 85 kilos? 

He would be the smallest 1st pick since Kyrie Irving and the lightest since Allen Iverson. 

I think it deserves this place, especially in comparison with the rest of the vintage.

He would potentially fit in well in San Antonio, where his lack of size could be more than made up for by Victor Wembanyama, an already legendary defender who protects his racket. 

Together, Wembanyama and Sheppard could become one of the best duos in the entire NBA. 

The latter is a threatening defender, a spark in attack who plays as if he were more physically imposing.

Reed Sheppard, Kentucky fullback, is not necessarily very well known in France at the moment, but he is nonetheless an excellent prospect. 

With 12.7 points, 4.5 assists and 4.3 rebounds on average this year, all with a very good 50% 3-point success rate, he has the potential to shine in the NBA. 

What if he was there, the real partner of Victor Wembanyama?

In all likelihood, the Spurs should still inherit a new top Draft pick next June. Who will have the chance to come and support Victor Wembanyama? According to Kevin O’Connor, we need to keep an eye on Reed Sheppard.

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