NBA – The incredible feat never before seen all-time promised to Victor Wembanyama: “He will be…

Victor Wembanyama warming up for Spurs

Clearly, Victor Wembanyama hasnot finished impressing. For his debut in the league, the Spurs rookie has a string of unprecedented performances. He could even break a new record for precociousness thanks to his defensive exploits.

Not surprisingly, they occupy last place in their conference with a record of 11 wins and 46 losses. For the second year in a row, the Spurs intend to close the market in the West. However, their fans can now look forward to the presence of a generational talent in their team. Victor Wembanyama tends to justify this status which was conferred on him before his debut in the NBA.

Everyone wants to see the French prodigy in action… except perhaps his opponents. In just four months, he has already achieved so many records that it seems difficult to list them all. At just 20 years old, his prowess deserves to be rewarded this season. In any case, he can wait for the next one to once again mark history with his precocity.

Another record in sight for Wembanyama?

Incredible Stat: Even if Wemby is not selected to an All-Defensive Team until his sophomore season, he will still be the youngest player in history to achieve this honor.

Currently the best blocker in the league with 3.3 blocks per match, Victor can also boast an average of 1.3 interceptions. A nice CV to now claim a place in an All-Defensive Team.

However, it could be that San Antonio’s collective record is lacking compared to its main competitors. Interiors like Rudy Gobert, Bam Adebayo, Anthony Davis and Brook Lopez indeed seem better off in this regard. Suffice to say that he will have to redouble his efforts in the coming weeks to achieve this distinction, even if some Internet users consider that he has already done enough:

He deserves to be on the 2nd All-Defensive Team. This guy is clearly a candidate for Defender of the Year this season, but we have to stay reasonable and reward wins.

Will we see Victor Wembanyama on an All-Defensive Team this season? In any case, this seems plausible. And even if we had to wait until next year to see him rewarded in this way , he would still set yet another record for precocity.

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