NBA – The huge update on an association between LeBron and Bronny: “It would be very…

South California Trojans NCAA player Bronny James (left) and his father, Los Angeles Lakers NBA star LeBron (right)

LeBron James dreams of playing with Bronny in the NBA, why not next year. This remains an option for their agent, Rich Paul, but everything will depend on the franchises. A hell of a risk given the level of the player.

Bronny James could finally be quite behind in the NBA. Expected for the next draft, ESPN has just classified him in the 2025 vintage, just to confirm that he is far from having the level to establish himself in the league today. Let us remember, however, that it is the player who will decide his future, but an extra year or two at university is not necessarily to be ruled out.

Bronny James ready to stay the course?

Bad news for LeBron, who wanted the chance to play with his son, or at least to face him on an NBA floor. Rich Paul, who happens to be the agent of both men, announces, however, that Bronny continues to think about a draft for 2024. Regardless of ESPN’s decisions, it is the franchises that will decide.

Bronny James’ 2024 draft is based on team interest, not draft position.

Rich Paul : “I give more importance to a player finding himself on the right team, in the right situation to develop, rather than finishing in the lottery (one of the first 14 picks, editor’s note) . »

Clearly, if a team confirms that it will choose Bronny, then the player could validate his presence in the next draft. Quite a risk all the same when we see his performances with USC today.

Wojnarowski confirms in another tweet that LeBron is in favor of an association with Bronny at the Lakers. But everything must happen spontaneously.

The right team doesn’t necessarily mean landing with his father, LeBron James, although LeBron would be “very excited if it happened naturally.” »

The future of Bronny James is becoming extremely complicated, especially since the 2025 draft promises to be very talented. Should we wait 1 year to try to get our chance, or take a bet from 2024? We can at least be sure that he will be well advised.

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